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What is Webiny?

Webiny is an open-source framework for building serverless applications. It's built on top of AWS cloud and uses the latest technologies such as NodeJs, React and GraphQL . It's designed for building websites, apps and APIs that scale to millions of users and run on top of serverless infrastructure like AWS Lambda.
With serverless you save 60% on infrastructure cost and even more on infrastructure operation and maintenance.

Why serverless?

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unlimited scale out of the boxno infrastructure to managemuch faster time to marketpay base on usage

Why choose Webiny?

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  • check markNo need to manage infrastructure
  • pointUnable to customise the product
  • pointYou can only build websites
  • pointUsually a black-box
  • pointYou don't own your data

OpenSource CMS

  • check markYou can customise the product
  • check markBuild more than websites
  • pointNeed to hire people to manage infrastructure
  • pointHigh total cost of ownership
  • pointNeed to over provision and over pay for infrastructure to handle peak demands
  • pointWorry about flash-crowds, networking, orchestration, maintenance, and more


  • check markServerless level scale, handle any peak demand right out of the box
  • check markSave 60% on infrastructure cost compared to OpenSource
  • check markFaster time to market as you don't spend time on architecting and orchestrating infrastructure
  • check markBuild applications, APIs, microservices and websites
  • check markPay per request - never overpay for infrastructure again
  • check markNo vendor lock-in
  • check markLower TCO when compared to both SaaS and OpenSource
  • check markRuns on the architecture of the future

Webiny comes with several FREE ready-made apps you can use today:

Headless CMS

GraphQL based headless CMS with powerful content modeling features.

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Webiny Serverless Headless CMS
webiny handles the heavy-lifting for you

Be efficient - let Webiny handle the heavy-lifting

Webiny automates code-splitting, image optimizations, prefetching pages and resources, server-side rendering, caching and much more. There are no knobs you need to be fiddling to get things working, and working fast. Webiny makes your team more efficient at what they do.

use tools like React, GraphQL, Nodejs, Typescript, Babel and Webpack

Use tools you already know and love

We don't want Webiny to have a steep learning curve, so we built it using the modern technologies your developers already use today - such as Webpack, Javascript, JS-in-CSS, hot-reloading. It's all there, connected and configured so they are ready to start building right away.

webiny is a dynamic CMS not a static site generator

Build beyond static sites

Building sites with Webiny doesn't require you to constantly build and deploy the whole website. Webiny is a dynamic system, edit a page, press publish and the page is live!

no need to do scaling and infrastructure management

Scaling and infrastructure management are things of the past

Because Webiny is a 100% serverless system it scales up and down instantaneously with your demand. As an added benefit, there are literally ZERO servers for you to manage. Handling peak events like Black Friday and similar, it's gonna be "just another day at work" and you can forget about sleepless nights. And best of all, it will save you money and increase your bottom line.

Do You Know

Did you know CocaCola
saved 65% of their infrastructure cost
by moving to serverless

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Extendable via plugins

Webiny is meant to be extended and customized via plugins. You can easily add your own plugins and integrate with systems like Stripe, Shopify, Mailchimp and others.

It's a safe bet to try Webiny

Webiny is 100% free and open-source and on top of that, our dev team is on standby to help your in-house team learn and adopt Webiny - all free of cost. We want you to give Webiny a try on a project and let us know your feedback and how we can make it better for the whole community.

For you as a web agency Webiny solves:

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A unified technology stack regardless if you are building a small website, a heavy-duty web application or a super-scaleable API.

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A project foundation that has you back when it comes to uptime and handling any demand you put in front of it - no need to check if the site is up and running.

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A product with no-lock in - it's open-source and hosted on your own AWS cloud. Customize it and adapt it in any way it suits your project.

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It's a CMS where you can communicate directly to the team that built it.

Get ahead of your competition by adopting serverless and Webiny. Make your organization more efficient and at same time save over 60% in your infrastructure cost.

Webiny free to use and released under the MIT open source license.
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