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Creating Tools and Solutions for the Serverless Era

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At Webiny we have a mission to empower every developer to create serverless applications and websites. We do that by providing tools, processes and ready-made apps, and as a result, developers can create serverless applications with ease.

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Our story

Many moons ago, Webiny was just another digital agency. We were building websites, fighting the technology and fixing bugs. Many bugs.

Eventually, we saw that the way we build and manage web applications is changing. We saw that this “serverless trend" is actually not a trend, and is here to stay. Even more than that, we now believe that in a few years time, serverless will be the way most of the web is created.

With this belief, we decided to close down our service business and focus on a mission to build an open-source framework for building serverless applications. One that will become a foundation for all future serverless applications. One that developers will see as a core part of their serverless stack.

Throughout the whole process we had one big North Star in our mind to guide us - a community. A community of developers that we could support with Webiny and that would join us on our mission, and help us achieve our goals. As a result, we have released Webiny under the MIT open-source licence so everyone can use it completely free of charge.

Assisted by our Webiny community and contributors

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Traits we value

We are curious and will never stop learning.

We always find time to help our fellow peers.

We respect and treat others the same way we want to be treated.

Each one of us has a voice and is not afraid to speak their mind.

We are motivated by the problem we are solving and not just by money.

We strive to communicate as much and as clearly as possible as this is the lifestream of successful remote working.

We value flexibility and freedom but also take on the responsibility and accountability for our work.

We deeply care about the quality of our work.

We truly believe that our work has impact and that Webiny will become the future of web development.

More than anything we are happy to help out a community member and make their day.

Our team is ever expanding, so if you have identified yourself in our values, we would love to talk.

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