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At Webiny we have a mission to empower developers. We do that by providing tools, processes and ready-made apps. As a result, developers can create serverless applications with ease.

Our story

Many moons ago, Webiny was just another digital agency. We were building websites, fighting the technology and fixing bugs, many bugs.

Eventually, we saw that the way we build and manage web applications is changing. We saw that this “serverless” trend is actually here to stay. Even more than that, we now believe that in a few years time, serverless will be the way how most of the web is created.

With this belief, we decided to close down our service business and focus on a mission to built a serverless CMS. One this will become a foundation for all serverless applications. One that developers will see as a core part of their serverless stack.

We want to do all that, but with a community in mind, one that will help us achieve this goal. As a result, we released Webiny under the MIT open-source licence so everyone can use it completely free of charge.


Sven Al Hamad

Sven Al Hamad

Mainly responsible for the vision and direction of the company. Also in charge of UX and overall visuals.
Pavel Denisjuk

Pavel Denisjuk

In charge of the technology focus and architecture. Author of main core components and apps like Page Builder and Headless CMS.
Adrian Smijulj

Adrian Smijulj

Core developer
CTO's right hand. Created apps like Form Builder and File Manager. Authored several core components.

Our Investors

We are proud to be backed by visionary investors

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Webiny free to use and released under the MIT open source license.
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