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The Easiest Way To Adopt  Serverless

Build Full-Stack Serverless Web Applications

Zero Infrastructure Management
Open Source
Self Hosted
Infinite Scale

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What is Webiny?

Webiny is an open-source framework for building serverless applications. It provides you with developer tools, libraries, ready-made apps and processes. It's built on top of AWS cloud and uses the latest technologies such as NodeJs, React and GraphQL.

serverless stackwebiny stack

It's designed for building websites, apps and APIs that scale to millions of users and run on top of serverless infrastructure like AWS Lambda.

Created with technology and tools you know and Love!

serverless stack

Why Serverless?

Reduces the cost of infrastructure by 60-80%, however it also comes with many hidden challenges.

Why Webiny?

Get around serverless challenges and save over $300k in development costs.

How does it compare to DIY approach?

do it yourself
Time consuming
red cross icon
Increases the project cost
red cross icon
Several attempts to get it right
red cross icon
High risk of failing
red cross icon
Need to figure out the right architecture
red cross icon
Need to implement security best practices
red cross icon
Hire and train additional staff
red cross icon
Need to create custom tooling
red cross icon
Fear of the unknown
red cross icon
Hard to test and debug
red cross icon
Lack of know-how
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green check icon
Faster time to market
green check icon
Much lower TCO
green check icon
Abstracts away all the serverless complexities
green check icon
Reduces the risk of adopting serverless
green check icon
No need to reinvent the wheel
green check icon
Developers focus on their application logic from day one
green check icon
Flattens the learning curve
green check icon
Comes with already made products
green check icon
Foundation for building dynamic serverless sites and apps
green check icon
Deployment CLI with support for multiple environments
green check icon
Comes with an admin theme with over 30 React components
green check icon
Built in server side rendering
green check icon
Multi cloud support (coming soon)

Webiny comes with several FREE ready-made apps you can use today:

Headless CMS

GraphQL based headless CMS with powerful content modeling features.

Learn more
Webiny Serverless Headless CMS

Serverless makes infrastructure easy, Webiny makes serverless easy

developer friendly


Webiny has been made with the developer in mind. It helps them develop serverless applications with ease.

open source

Open source

Webiny is created and maintained by an amazing group of people. Being open source means Webiny grows and evolves much faster. Contributors are welcome.

It's a community

It's a community

We have an active community on slack. Talk to the core-team, and get help. Webiny team is always there for any questions.

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Webiny free to use and released under the MIT open source license.
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