Questions and answers:

What is Webiny?

Webiny is a company that is developing several open source projects using the latest technology. All of them are optimized for speed, stability, and security, and are well documented.

What projects do you currently have?

We have two projects launching soon:

What are the requirements for Webiny Framework?

Webiny Framework requires PHP v5.5. Additional requirements depend on the components you wish to use and are documented within each of the component’s readme.

What are the requirements for Webiny CMS?

Webiny CMS requires:

  • PHP v5.5
  • MongoDb v2.6
  • A web server (Apache/Nginx or any other should work)
  • A modern browser (We only support the latest versions of all modern browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and IE)

Which technologies do you use in your development?

We use:

  • PHP
  • ReactJs
  • EcmaScript 6
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • MongoDb
  • Amazon S3 API

What do you mean when you say that that projects are optimized for speed?

In our development, we don’t look back to support more browsers or to have compatibility with older technologies. Instead, we look what the technology will look like in a year or two, and we develop in that direction.

Our animations run in 60 fps, we’re using EC6 for JavaScript development, and we’re using the latest versions of MongoDb and PHP.

Where can I download the projects?

All of the projects will be available on our official GIT repository:

Can you host my website?

Yes, we will offer a hosted Webiny CMS solution.

Will Webiny CMS support apps, plugins, and themes?

Yes, yes, and yes. Webiny CMS will be a completely expandable system where you can develop your own theme, build your own solutions in the form of an application, or even expand current the applications using plugins.

Where can I find apps, plugins, and themes?

Within Webiny CMS there will be a store where you can download free additions or buy paid content.

Can I upload my own additions to the store?

Yes, you can, but every addition must go through a testing and review process.

So you review every item before it becomes available on the store?

Yes, no exceptions! Only fully tested and quality solutions will be available on the store.


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