Website speed with Webiny

Website speed with Webiny

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In this article I'll talk about the performance of Webiny as a platform. These performance enhancements are built into every Webiny-powered website. So, if you don't already have a free website on Webiny, just click on the link in the box to the right and experience these methods first hand.

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  • And We're Back

    I won't be making any excuses for why we didn't post anything in the last couple of weeks. So I will tell you what have we been doing and I will give a glimpse of some future plans for Webiny. Although I am tempted to make excuses, there are none. We should invest time and effort into this blog. There is no excuse for not doing something. Of course, you have to choose your priorities but let's start with what's been going on.

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  • Welcome to Webiny

    As of today, Webiny is available to everyone. We've worked for the last two years building Webiny and now is the time to show it to everyone. So lets see how it all happened. Somewhere in early 2009 I've received a call from a friend asking me to build him a website for his company. Back then I've worked with one travel agency and asked my friend Sven (founder of Webiny) to build simple CMS for this "client".

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