Designs Wanted - Submit Yours for Webiny by Goran Candrlic on Jul 17. 2012

We are soon finalizing Webiny FREE Package and we would like you to contribute to the whole idea. We will start with few of our own designs, but crowdsourcing is the key. We are giving something to the people and we think you will also benefit from the deal. Take a look what's inside!
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Free Webiny theme design by Sven Al Hamad on Apr 23. 2012

As of this week we are offering free custom made themes for Business or Professional subscriptions. Each theme is unique and made by customer guidelines. The theme is either designed by Webiny team directly, or by a Webiny partner.


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How good is PHP?

I've been writing PHP applications for the last 10 years. PHP is still, mostly thanks to Wordpress, the most used server-side language on the Internet (source). It is used on more than 82% of all websites. But why, with all that “glory” some developers say is really bad language? They often use the term "spaghetti code”, slow or even evil.

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