Hotel Landing Page - How to Make it Convert by Goran Candrlic on Jul 30. 2012

There's no perfect landing page but there are "best practices" in making your hotel landing page convert. We will take a look on conversion elements of a hotel landing page. Reason: I've seen some hotel landing pages and I know that these hotels have been using AdWords to channel traffic to these pages. I was horrified. Bad navigation, no clear message, bad place for booking forms, no trust elements. People are simply wasting money. So I've decided to list elements and landing page structure for AdWords and other PPC campaigns, but this example can also be used as a regular hotel page. I hope that this will help other designers, webmasters and hotel/agency/reseller/affiliate to boost conversions.
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Online Travel Market - Revenue, Growth and Trends by Goran Candrlic on Apr 14. 2012

Since Webiny is tightly connected with online travel market (we provide Booking System for travel agencies), I’ve decided to create an overview of how big is the current online travel market, what are the trends and give you a short list of resources and references for further reading. I've also added my opinion on "What does it all mean?" section.


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