Creative Techniques for Generating Long Term Quality Links

Creative Techniques for Generating Long Term Quality Links


‘Building and generating links’ is a technique that works as a pillar in an online marketing campaign. The more high quality the links will be, the stronger will be the pillars. When we talk about link building, all the dark aspects of link building keep flashing in many SEOs’ minds. Actually, nowadays the word ‘Link Building’ is being used as ‘Link Baiting’. Whether you say Link Building or Link Baiting, the main concept will remain the same but the strategies will change that is the major difference between then. As all know about link building, I will only talk about the link bating techniques in this article.

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  • Using Questions as SEO Keywords

    Keywords have been a common SEO practice over the last few years, and placing them within quality content remains a surefire technique to boost your traffic. But with the recent update to Google’s algorithm, titled “hummingbird”, the search engine is looking at content and its results a little differently. As smartphone usage increases drastically each year, Google has begun catering its search towards mobile users.

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  • Keyword research with SEMrush

    Promoting a website requires a lot of effort and know-how, and when they are combined in the right way they will bring outstanding results. Talking about results, I don't mean just improving the page rank or increasing traffic. I'm talking about increasing your customer base and profit. If you don't see either one, then you know--it's time to make things right. And you can bet your bottom dollar we will start with a keyword research and semantic core prioritization.

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  • Good SEO Experience

    Often, people jump on the SEO bandwagon without fully exploring the extent to which they can optimize their websites. The tendency is to focus more on on-page optimization of keywords and building links than on the quality of a user's experience.

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  • How to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    How to do SEO is one of the most used questions by both seasoned and novice webmasters and website owners. Let's face it, Google can send a lot of "free" traffic your way, but lately, there are many obstacles to overcome and also many false information around the web. What is Panda algorithm? What is Penguin algorithm? Can I do this? Am I allowed to do that? Many more questions trouble webmasters, designers and novice website owners that I feel some of these questions need answers.

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  • The End of the World vs. Christmas

    Should we believe in Mayan predictions and expect the 21st of December, 2012 to be the last day of the Earth? In this article you can find the answers to each question based on statistics that will show the risen trend in traffic, consumer demand, Adwords and so on. To represent the best overview we used different tools and added diagrams.

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  • How to do Keyword Research

    One of the fundamental parts of any SEO or SEM campaign is conducting a solid keyword research. Even tough this is a relatively simple and straightforward task, a lot of people are still confused about how to properly conduct it, why it is important and even what a keyword research is.

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  • Disclosing Myths of International SEO

    I've stumbled upon two articles yesterday that refer to international SEO. Since we've been doing a lot of international pages and since Webiny is multilingual and multidomain (multisite) system, I will try to explain several myths and reveal some of the best practices for SEO and PPC in international markets.

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