Using Questions as SEO Keywords

Using Questions as SEO Keywords

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Keywords have been a common SEO practice over the last few years, and placing them within quality content remains a surefire technique to boost your traffic. But with the recent update to Google’s algorithm, titled “hummingbird”, the search engine is looking at content and its results a little differently. As smartphone usage increases drastically each year, Google has begun catering its search towards mobile users.

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  • Good SEO Experience

    Often, people jump on the SEO bandwagon without fully exploring the extent to which they can optimize their websites. The tendency is to focus more on on-page optimization of keywords and building links than on the quality of a user's experience.

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  • How to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    How to do SEO is one of the most used questions by both seasoned and novice webmasters and website owners. Let's face it, Google can send a lot of "free" traffic your way, but lately, there are many obstacles to overcome and also many false information around the web. What is Panda algorithm? What is Penguin algorithm? Can I do this? Am I allowed to do that? Many more questions trouble webmasters, designers and novice website owners that I feel some of these questions need answers.

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