How to become a Marketing Guru

How to become a Marketing Guru

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It's one thing to have a successful website, but it's quite another to turn yourself into a brand and to be known across the net as an 'internet marketing guru'. If you can accomplish that, then you'll be able to sell almost anything that you put your name on, people will take your advice as gospel and you'll be able to expand from a single website into a full-blown internet empire.

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  • Do You Measure Enough?

    You know your market, you have developed a great online presence and you are keeping you audience engaged with regular social media updates and blog posts. That’s fantastic. You are showing all the signs of someone that knows the value of web and social media marketing.

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  • PPC Quality Score Management and Improvement

    PPC campaign management is a mixture of science and art. There is also a bit of luck mixed in there, too, but you can’t always rely on that, so it is essential to understand the science behind the process in order to increase your chance of success. But one of the hardest things for many people to understand is how quality score affects your ads, let alone how to improve it.

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  • Absolute Beginner's Guide to Google AdWords - Part One

    The decision to create this guide was very simple: We’ve worked with many clients that were afraid to “spend” money on Google AdWords because they didn’t know where and how to start or simply had a bad experience due to complexity of AdWords and bad ROI on their previous campaigns. If you don’t want to get so deep into this, there are a lot of great AdWords agencies that can help you. Still, reading this guide will help you “know their language”.

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  • How to do Online Marketing for Your Startup

    Here at Webiny, we had good results after our launch, picked up some press, got connected with some great people and now is the time to recap our online marketing accomplishments. I've sat down and taken a look at what we've done and now I would have done it a little bit different. Everything is a learning process, so if I had to do it all over again, I would follow these steps in more detail.

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