Keyword research with SEMrush by Alexandra on Oct 24. 2013

Promoting a website requires a lot of effort and know-how, and when they are combined in the right way they will bring outstanding results. Talking about results, I don't mean just improving the page rank or increasing traffic. I'm talking about increasing your customer base and profit. If you don't see either one, then you know--it's time to make things right. And you can bet your bottom dollar we will start with a keyword research and semantic core prioritization.

The End of the World vs. Christmas by Alexandra on Dec 24. 2012

Should we believe in Mayan predictions and expect the 21st of December, 2012 to be the last day of the Earth? In this article you can find the answers to each question based on statistics that will show the risen trend in traffic, consumer demand, Adwords and so on. To represent the best overview we used different tools and added diagrams.


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The Power of the Community

In the focus of recent feedback that I got, I think there is a need for me to justify some of the decisions we made while developing Webiny Framework.

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