IE is bothering you: Google Chrome Frame to the Rescue by Sven Al Hamad on Jul 5. 2012

We all know how IE is good with table design, but luckily these days are long over, and still, IE sticks like the gum on the bottom of your shoe that just won't fall off, making our lives as developers and designers a nightmare. Most of us hoped that with IE9 the problems will disappear, which in some part was true.

Webiny file upload with HTML5 and AJAX using PHP streams by Sven Al Hamad on May 7. 2012

This blog post gives an overview how to do asynchronous file upload using new possibilities given in HTML5. Besides that, we talk about how to use PHP I/O streams to keep the memory footprint low as possible during upload of large files. This principle is also used for uploading files in Webiny administration.
Labels: html5, php, ajax


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In the focus of recent feedback that I got, I think there is a need for me to justify some of the decisions we made while developing Webiny Framework.

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