John Doe vs. $username

John Doe vs. $username

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Nowadays if you want to create a great web page you need a team of people with a very specific set of skills and often, very different personalities. No one can be good at CSS, HTML, XML, Javascript, PHP and Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator at the same time.

  • Newbie's guide to web design
  • Newbie's Guide to Getting Started in Web Design Business

    I am often asked how I got into web design, and if I can offer any advice on how to get started and find clients when you're a beginner. In this article I explain what are the basics you need to learn in order to start working in the web design industry: the principles of good graphic design and usability, using image editing software and HTML/CSS coding. There is also a short guide on how to land your first jobs in the field.

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  • Free Holiday E-mail Templates
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  • Free Holiday E-mail Templates

    We have prepared a little gift for the holiday season for all our visitors! We present you 3 free, fun & festive HTML e-mail templates you can use to send your holiday wishes to your friends, family, colleagues or customers. They can be used in any e-mail client, and in the Newsletter that comes with your free Webiny package.

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  • 15 Steps to Redesign Your Website

    I bet many of you have found themselves in a situation where current website is not meeting the goals. I guess it happens even if it meets the goals because you designed it in 2000., or you have a new branding, new marketing direction or new products. The thing is, websites are like living organisms, they grow, change, get old. This blog post is an effort to see what are the necessary steps to redesign your website and meet your goals.

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  • How to Reduce Bounce Rate, Engage Your Audience and Drive Conversions with Your Blog

    That's a really long title of the blog post. Don't be afraid to write even such long titles. You can find other great tips on copywriting on Copyblogger. The reason I am writing this blog post is because I've been doing the small consulting job for a friend who has one startup and who asked me to help him with the conversion elements on his site. The first usual suspect was the blog post and I will tell you (and show you) this site on the end of this post (don't scroll down too fast).

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