Good Blog vs. Bad Blog – What differentiates the Best from the Worst by Pratik Dholakiya on Oct 15. 2013

“You can earn money from your blog” ... “Blogs generate brand awareness” ... “Use your blog to generate brand authority” ... “Build a blog to improve business credibility” ... “Forge a personal connection with your users with a blog”

Use Social Media To Support Customers: Easier Said Than Tweeted! by Katarina Lovrecic on Jan 27. 2013

Think. Between tweeting and blogging, you may as well be in the business of a world domination. Not so much of a joke if you consider that the building of a Death Star station was debated with the White House, recently.

And, You Are Already Out of It: How Much Time to Invest in Social Media? by Katarina Lovrecic on Jan 14. 2013

One tweet is limited to 140 characters, link included, right? To tweet 10 times per day is quite solid, true. Undoubtedly, it will take you 10 minutes to schedule your Twitter timeline? Actually, yes, doubt it. And then, there's Facebook and Google Plus and LinkedIn, maybe Pinterest, YouTube? Tumblr, Quora, too? And, you're back in a jiffy!


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The Power of the Community

In the focus of recent feedback that I got, I think there is a need for me to justify some of the decisions we made while developing Webiny Framework.

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