Value Proposition - How to Create One

Value Proposition - How to Create One

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What is a value proposition? It is usually a statement that describes what your company, product or service will bring to your clients. It should convince a potential customer that the product or service will add more value or solve problems better than other company, product or service. Value proposition is not a business model. It is not a product specification. It is a core element of how your product or service differentiates itself from many others.

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  • 15 Steps to Redesign Your Website

    I bet many of you have found themselves in a situation where current website is not meeting the goals. I guess it happens even if it meets the goals because you designed it in 2000., or you have a new branding, new marketing direction or new products. The thing is, websites are like living organisms, they grow, change, get old. This blog post is an effort to see what are the necessary steps to redesign your website and meet your goals.

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  • Guest post: Best 5 Marketing Tips You Didn't Know

    If one were to come up with a list of five essential marketing tips, what would that list look like? Would it focus entirely on increasing your sales team’s efforts? Would it focus on using a combination of inbound and outbound marketing strategies, or would it focus simply on matching strategies that better define your company and its product offering? Well, increasing market share is never as simple as doubling down on sales, and it isn’t as easy as coming up with a mixed bag of inbound and outbound marketing approaches.

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  • Why Don't You Love Us Anymore Google?

    This is a very personal blogpost. Seriously. I fell out of love with Google. Google broke my heart. Not because my sites don't rank anymore. Not because its harder and harder to get to top rankings, but because I believe Google lost its vision and "don't be evil" mantra. I will explain in detail, but be patient.

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  • What is SaaS

    Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software distribution model in which the application solution manufacturer makes an application, manages the applications and environments that support it (hosting), and makes it available to users over the Internet. Software based on the SaaS model can not be bought, instead the services used are paid for, most commonly as monthly payments.

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