The 15 Types of Bloggers Plying their Trade in the Blogging World

The 15 Types of Bloggers Plying their Trade in the Blogging World

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What kind of blogger are you? Answering this question is an important part of becoming a successful blogger. A blogger is defined by the quality of his write ups, the niche the blogger targets, and the authority he builds up over the years. Readers form an opinion of the blogger, his personality, his attitude and character traits from the content he comes up with, for them.

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  • Basic Netiquette for Bloggers: Don't Be a Wildling

    It were tech savvy individuals that first used the internet. And then there were - others. In order not to annoy the techies, some rules were invented. The first set of guidelines and best practices to use, e-mail mostly, were developed by researchers at PARC (Palo Alto Research Center), back in 1970s California. The set was known as the Electronic mail Briefing Blurb or E-mail Briefing Blurb, or the Blurb.

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  • Putting up a Blog? Post It Like Nobody Is Watching!

    Those who can, blog, and those who can not, teach you how to write blog posts. That is to say, there are no quick tips that you can just pick up and become a widely read blogger. You need to really stretch out there, weave in the network. Gain some muscles. Work your way through the redundant content. Mirror yourself in it. Try your pen against someone else's. Break a pen or two, eventually, without anyone noticing. Only to find out that nothing burns like talent if it lacks exercise, or fresh grounds. Miss on such discipline, you may end up teaching someone how to write blog posts.

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