Newbie's Guide to Getting Started in Web Design Business by Nela Dunato on Jan 30. 2013

I am often asked how I got into web design, and if I can offer any advice on how to get started and find clients when you're a beginner. In this article I explain what are the basics you need to learn in order to start working in the web design industry: the principles of good graphic design and usability, using image editing software and HTML/CSS coding. There is also a short guide on how to land your first jobs in the field.
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Free Holiday E-mail Templates by Nela Dunato on Dec 21. 2012

We have prepared a little gift for the holiday season for all our visitors! We present you 3 free, fun & festive HTML e-mail templates you can use to send your holiday wishes to your friends, family, colleagues or customers. They can be used in any e-mail client, and in the Newsletter that comes with your free Webiny package.

Webiny - an integrated solution for all your business needs - Infographic by Nela Dunato on May 8. 2012

To give a better overview of Webiny capabilities and advantages, we have created this infographic that illustrates what is included in Webiny, how Webiny works, who can use it and why. We hope you enjoy it, and that it will provide you the correct perspective of what Webiny is.
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How good is PHP?

I've been writing PHP applications for the last 10 years. PHP is still, mostly thanks to Wordpress, the most used server-side language on the Internet (source). It is used on more than 82% of all websites. But why, with all that “glory” some developers say is really bad language? They often use the term "spaghetti code”, slow or even evil.

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