How to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

How to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


How to do SEO is one of the most used questions by both seasoned and novice webmasters and website owners. Let's face it, Google can send a lot of "free" traffic your way, but lately, there are many obstacles to overcome and also many false information around the web. What is Panda algorithm? What is Penguin algorithm? Can I do this? Am I allowed to do that? Many more questions trouble webmasters, designers and novice website owners that I feel some of these questions need answers.

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  • Value Proposition - How to Create One

    What is a value proposition? It is usually a statement that describes what your company, product or service will bring to your clients. It should convince a potential customer that the product or service will add more value or solve problems better than other company, product or service. Value proposition is not a business model. It is not a product specification. It is a core element of how your product or service differentiates itself from many others.

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  • Hotel Landing Page - How to Make it Convert

    There's no perfect landing page but there are "best practices" in making your hotel landing page convert. We will take a look on conversion elements of a hotel landing page. Reason: I've seen some hotel landing pages and I know that these hotels have been using AdWords to channel traffic to these pages. I was horrified. Bad navigation, no clear message, bad place for booking forms, no trust elements. People are simply wasting money. So I've decided to list elements and landing page structure for AdWords and other PPC campaigns, but this example can also be used as a regular hotel page. I hope that this will help other designers, webmasters and hotel/agency/reseller/affiliate to boost conversions.

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  • Disclosing Myths of International SEO

    I've stumbled upon two articles yesterday that refer to international SEO. Since we've been doing a lot of international pages and since Webiny is multilingual and multidomain (multisite) system, I will try to explain several myths and reveal some of the best practices for SEO and PPC in international markets.

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  • 15 Steps to Redesign Your Website

    I bet many of you have found themselves in a situation where current website is not meeting the goals. I guess it happens even if it meets the goals because you designed it in 2000., or you have a new branding, new marketing direction or new products. The thing is, websites are like living organisms, they grow, change, get old. This blog post is an effort to see what are the necessary steps to redesign your website and meet your goals.

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  • Promoting Your Blog Via Social Media: Get People Reading!

    Corporate blogs are becoming increasingly common as a way to share news about your company, provide helpful information about a product or service, and give tips to potential customers or clients. These blogs not only increase connections with current customers, but they also drive web traffic from search engines. The problem with many blogs is that people either don't know about it or have no interest in reading the blog. People generally want to make their purchase and head on.

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  • How to Reduce Bounce Rate, Engage Your Audience and Drive Conversions with Your Blog

    That's a really long title of the blog post. Don't be afraid to write even such long titles. You can find other great tips on copywriting on Copyblogger. The reason I am writing this blog post is because I've been doing the small consulting job for a friend who has one startup and who asked me to help him with the conversion elements on his site. The first usual suspect was the blog post and I will tell you (and show you) this site on the end of this post (don't scroll down too fast).

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  • And We're Back

    I won't be making any excuses for why we didn't post anything in the last couple of weeks. So I will tell you what have we been doing and I will give a glimpse of some future plans for Webiny. Although I am tempted to make excuses, there are none. We should invest time and effort into this blog. There is no excuse for not doing something. Of course, you have to choose your priorities but let's start with what's been going on.

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