Free Webiny theme design by Sven Al Hamad on Apr 23. 2012

As of this week we are offering free custom made themes for Business or Professional subscriptions. Each theme is unique and made by customer guidelines. The theme is either designed by Webiny team directly, or by a Webiny partner.

Online Travel Market - Revenue, Growth and Trends by Goran Candrlic on Apr 14. 2012

Since Webiny is tightly connected with online travel market (we provide Booking System for travel agencies), I’ve decided to create an overview of how big is the current online travel market, what are the trends and give you a short list of resources and references for further reading. I've also added my opinion on "What does it all mean?" section.

Mobile websites with Webiny by Sven Al Hamad on Apr 13. 2012

Managing a mobile website is not much different from managing a regular website. The only rule is that the content musn't be too wide for mobile displays, and that the navigation is adapted for mobile browsing.

How To "Reverse Engineer" Missing Keywords from Google Analytics by Goran Candrlic on Apr 10. 2012

In the last couple of months we all had problems with getting the info from hidden Google Analytics keywords. This is an attempt to get the data using Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Central data for missing keywords. Important notice: this is not 100% valid data and you will not be able to see the conversion insights or exactly which keywords your users searched to get to your site but anything is better than nothing right? Lets take a look at the steps.

Why Don't You Love Us Anymore Google? by Goran Candrlic on Apr 4. 2012

This is a very personal blogpost. Seriously. I fell out of love with Google. Google broke my heart. Not because my sites don't rank anymore. Not because its harder and harder to get to top rankings, but because I believe Google lost its vision and "don't be evil" mantra. I will explain in detail, but be patient.
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How Webiny treats URLs by Sven Al Hamad on Apr 3. 2012

In this blog post I'll explain and describe the possibilities available within Webiny that you can use to define your URL pattern and structure. Also I'll describe some additional tools like 301 redirect module and settings for controlling domain URL pattern, URL prefixes for certain content types and lots more.

Welcome to Webiny by Goran Candrlic on Mar 27. 2012

As of today, Webiny is available to everyone. We've worked for the last two years building Webiny and now is the time to show it to everyone. So lets see how it all happened. Somewhere in early 2009 I've received a call from a friend asking me to build him a website for his company. Back then I've worked with one travel agency and asked my friend Sven (founder of Webiny) to build simple CMS for this "client".
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What is SaaS by Goran Candrlic on Mar 27. 2012

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software distribution model in which the application solution manufacturer makes an application, manages the applications and environments that support it (hosting), and makes it available to users over the Internet. Software based on the SaaS model can not be bought, instead the services used are paid for, most commonly as monthly payments.
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