Absolute Beginner's Guide to Google AdWords - Part One by Sandi Sablic on Sep 4. 2013

The decision to create this guide was very simple: We’ve worked with many clients that were afraid to “spend” money on Google AdWords because they didn’t know where and how to start or simply had a bad experience due to complexity of AdWords and bad ROI on their previous campaigns. If you don’t want to get so deep into this, there are a lot of great AdWords agencies that can help you. Still, reading this guide will help you “know their language”.

Basic Netiquette for Bloggers: Don't Be a Wildling by Katarina Lovrecic on Mar 8. 2013

It were tech savvy individuals that first used the internet. And then there were - others. In order not to annoy the techies, some rules were invented. The first set of guidelines and best practices to use, e-mail mostly, were developed by researchers at PARC (Palo Alto Research Center), back in 1970s California. The set was known as the Electronic mail Briefing Blurb or E-mail Briefing Blurb, or the Blurb.
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Vintage Winter Ads Teach You How to Warm Up Your Web Space by Katarina Lovrecic on Feb 21. 2013

Minus degrees outside. Have you thought about the warming place for your website visitors? Besides the horrible pixelated Wordpress snow. In winter time everything needs to go softer. And so do the commercials. So does the content. Your website, your copy, your blog post. Again, an inspiration to your winter copywriting can be pulled from the ever sweet collection of vintage ads. They can help in choosing a tale for your brand during the season, in picking the imagery, the tone, and the taste. Suitable for winter time.

Why Knowing the Language and Culture of Your Reader is Integral to Copywriting by Katarina Lovrecic on Feb 13. 2013

The question number One (in the QI show)involved the Gerber products company, and the advertising mistake they made in Africa. Apparently, in Africa, the packaging usually represents what's inside a jar/box/can, and putting pictures of babies in that place, made the consumers think that the food actually contained - babies. True or false, it makes you think about all the ways in which the visual representation of your brand could go wrong. How easily your logic could turn into the logic of Alice. It can't be poison if it says "drink me" on it. Correct?

Back When Smoking was Okay: Content Lessons from Old Cigarette Ads by Katarina Lovrecic on Feb 6. 2013

In the 1920s, the tobacco industry knew all about the persuasive arts, hired advertising psychologists, endorsed celebrities, played every feel-better trick, expanded constantly to new markets, new media. And their doings were for the most part not regulated. The advertising was about happiness, as Draper said. "It's about knowing that whatever you're doing is okay." (Mad Men) There is so much to learn from the (evil?) genius that aspired from this age of advertising, off the grid, and low on the radar.

Newbie's Guide to Getting Started in Web Design Business by Nela Dunato on Jan 30. 2013

I am often asked how I got into web design, and if I can offer any advice on how to get started and find clients when you're a beginner. In this article I explain what are the basics you need to learn in order to start working in the web design industry: the principles of good graphic design and usability, using image editing software and HTML/CSS coding. There is also a short guide on how to land your first jobs in the field.
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Use Social Media To Support Customers: Easier Said Than Tweeted! by Katarina Lovrecic on Jan 27. 2013

Think. Between tweeting and blogging, you may as well be in the business of a world domination. Not so much of a joke if you consider that the building of a Death Star station was debated with the White House, recently.

How to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by Goran Candrlic on Jan 20. 2013

How to do SEO is one of the most used questions by both seasoned and novice webmasters and website owners. Let's face it, Google can send a lot of "free" traffic your way, but lately, there are many obstacles to overcome and also many false information around the web. What is Panda algorithm? What is Penguin algorithm? Can I do this? Am I allowed to do that? Many more questions trouble webmasters, designers and novice website owners that I feel some of these questions need answers.

And, You Are Already Out of It: How Much Time to Invest in Social Media? by Katarina Lovrecic on Jan 14. 2013

One tweet is limited to 140 characters, link included, right? To tweet 10 times per day is quite solid, true. Undoubtedly, it will take you 10 minutes to schedule your Twitter timeline? Actually, yes, doubt it. And then, there's Facebook and Google Plus and LinkedIn, maybe Pinterest, YouTube? Tumblr, Quora, too? And, you're back in a jiffy!

Putting up a Blog? Post It Like Nobody Is Watching! by Katarina Lovrecic on Jan 7. 2013

Those who can, blog, and those who can not, teach you how to write blog posts. That is to say, there are no quick tips that you can just pick up and become a widely read blogger. You need to really stretch out there, weave in the network. Gain some muscles. Work your way through the redundant content. Mirror yourself in it. Try your pen against someone else's. Break a pen or two, eventually, without anyone noticing. Only to find out that nothing burns like talent if it lacks exercise, or fresh grounds. Miss on such discipline, you may end up teaching someone how to write blog posts.
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