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Published on: Jul 30. 2012
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As you can see from the image, it is really hard to rank organically for competitive search terms in hotel industry, so you should focus on converting that traffic as much as you can.

Hotel Search Google

What is important

First the goals:

  • You want your visitor to book a room in your hotel

Just one goal? Well, you are not sending expensive PPC traffic for them to awe the interior or to share on the social networks right?

What is not important

Everything else. From managers or owners' greetings to fluffy animals :) and poor stock photos. This is the page where the conversion happens! This is the most important page on your (hotel) site. Every information that leads to booking is important. Your PR statement is not. Hot news is not. Information that there's a festival in two weeks is not (how can you know that the visitor will be there in just the right time?).


We've got:

  • Information elements
  • Conversion elements
  • Trust elements
  • Navigation elements

They are important in exactly that sequence. They will not convert if they don't find the information they need. If they are not sure that this is the information they need (like how is the hotel service, or is there free internet), they will look for the trust signals (even if you're an agency or reseller, not the hotel owner). They will look for other hotels or properties if they will not convert here (navigation).

Information elements

  • Photos - they will stimulate an emotional response that incites people to buy
  • Videos - even better
  • 360 walkthrough - I like when I find it on some hotel websites (example:
  • Number of stars
  • Address - they will need it to get there
  • Map - they will want to see the exact location
  • Price - and that's important - if you have it from previous search - include price for the time period and per person per day for the lowest priced room (starting from)
  • Guest rating - if you have them, show average rating - this is also a conversion element
  • Guest reviews links - see all reviews - put it in some JS light view so they don't have to reload the page
  • Tagline for hotel or who is it for (type of hotel - romantic, for families, budget etc)
  • Hotel description - you should have it, but keep it short
  • Hotel facilities - keep it short and descriptive, don't use icons only - will they recognize them all?
  • Number of rooms - important: show them how many rooms left for today
  • Room types - this is already a conversion element - they know now what to expect - they need to choose the room
  • Room properties
  • Hotel policies - like check-in, check-out times
  • How to book information
  • Additional contact elements

Conversion elements

  • Price - price is a sensitive issue - be clear about your pricing
  • Offers - same day offers, book 7 and stay 8 days and similar
  • Calendar picker - use it to show exact prices of the room
  • Room navigation - they book the room, not the hotel :)
  • Price calculation - this one is important, if there are extra fees, state it clearly
  • Number of rooms left - this one creates a sense of urgency
  • Book now - they are ready - let's book

Trust elements

  • Guest rating and reviews - if you have them - display them. Even display the changes in guest satisfaction.
  • Statistics - number of bookings via your agency or hotels, number of satisfied guests, when was the last booking made and from which location
  • Legal elements - they should not be prominent, but guests should find them (footer)
  • Terms of service or hotel policies - display them - you don't want your guests to have unpleasant surprises
  • Guarantees - it's a statement, but it surely helps gain confidence with your guests
  • Inclusion in associations - if you are a travel agency, include logos from travel agency associations or other industry-recognized organization

Navigation elements

  • Search - always keep the search form on the same place - my suggestion is the top-left corner
  • Menus & Quick Menus - besides the regular sitewide menus, my suggestion is to add a quick-menu for in-page navigation
  • Breadcrumbs - depending on the depth and complexity of your site, it's good to keep the breadcrumb menu
  • Maps - users tend to search on the map to see the best places (especially in the cities, on the coastline and in the winter resorts)
  • Footer - make it simple, make it consistent


Hope this mockup helps. It's not the "magic wand" that will work in every situation, for every type of traffic, but hopefully it will help boost conversions.

Hotel Landing page

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