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Published on: Jun 12. 2012
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Last couple of weeks

Sven (CTO) was presenting Webiny at StartupLive in Split on 3rd of June. Yes, he did raise a few eyebrows, but what was really interesting is that we never did a pitch in 90 seconds. We had one on Balkan Venture Forum in Skopje that lasted for 6 minutes. But 90 seconds? Uh, we had to trim down our messages and it was worth it.

So, what's the point? Well, we got to the point where we explained what is Webiny to everyone in few sentences. Here it goes: Webiny is platform that enables web professionals to quickly and cost-effectively build their clients websites.

So what do our partners get? With Webiny they:

  • Can work on their clients sites on Webiny for 90 days completely FREE and get our support in the process
  • The whole setup of the system takes less then 60 seconds
  • Partners don't need to worry about the server setup, hosting, maintanance, upgrades or backups - we take care of all that
  • Partners get up to 50% of discount for Webiny licenses

There are other features of course, so take a look at our Partner section or signup to become Webiny Partner.

There's a lot more, but in short, Webiny is integrated solution to build your sites. Sven had a really great time in Split and he met with some great people such as our partners from SliceJack and MobiExplore.


In the meantime, I was on the WHIR networking event in London together with our friends Goran Duskic and Edi Budimilic from WHOAPI. The event was great and in the future we'll be offering some new features from potential partners (like SSL certificates, wider range of available servers and datacenters). 


What's next (lessons learned)

We learned a lot in the process. We realized that we still lack some adoption from wider audience and in the forthcoming month we will be offering Webiny in FREE package. And by that we don't mean like "Free Trial", but like "Forever Free".

What will be inside? Here is the surprise:

  • Webiny CMS with ability to create up to 25 pages
  • Webiny Newsletter with up to 500 subscribers
  • Your own domain (which you will need to buy)
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Up to 250 Mb hosting
  • Community support through our QA forum

The limitations: end client will not be able to edit the template, and will not be able to add multiple languages or domains (it will be offered in paid packages, with more power). We are looking for design partners that will work with us to provide custom design for clients that will ask for it.

When will it be available? In the next couple of weeks. We have a lot of custom projects on Webiny (and we'll showcase them soon) so we don't want to make any promises about the deadlines. Stay tuned and signup as a partner to provide great looking themes for Webiny. 




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