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Published on: May 9. 2012

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Disclaimer: there will be references to some foul words and images in this blog post. Keep away from children ;). Image source.

Grab your favorite bookmark tool or RSS reader and get ready, this one is huge (if you follow the links).

Why Paris Hilton Is Famous (Or Understanding Value In A Post-Madonna World)

I love this one (I will give great anchor texts in spite of Google over optimization algo). Paris Hilton and Madonna.

Favorite quote:

If Madonna was Marketing 1.0 then Paris Hilton is Marketing 2.0.

Why I love it? Because it perfectly describes the sharing madness in "post-madonna-world". It's how you get attention. It's how you get links. It's how to do marketing in the online (and offline) environment. And here is a silly commercial. Hot girl washing a cool car eating a burger? In what distorted reality would that happen? Only on YouTube :)




The Link Building Strategies in 2012

I will use the great anchor text again: Link Building

Favorite quote:

Whenever you can, be nice to people. It might just payoff. Always be on the lookout for helping those in need.I know this isn't exactly an actionable strategy for link building, but I'm telling you, you'd be surprised. These random acts can turn into lasting relationships.

Why I love it? Because it's a great example how a list can get links. Also, it's a fantastic resource for link building ideas and ways to implement them. 


The Proper Way to do Email Marketing and use your CRM

This one is a pure gem. 106 slides of pure email marketing and CRM know-how. It's a must read for every marketer to get deeper insights on efficient use of email campaigns. Link-love anchor text link: Email marketing and CRM.

Favorite quote: 

If you don’t fall off, you’re not trying hard enough!

Why I love it? I think I already explained.


When you need Marketing Resources (75 Blogs)

75 Marketing Blogs. Categorized. Do I need to say more?

Favorite quote:

PPC is hard. Just throwing cash at it won't make it rain.

Why I love it? I can always come back to this post and see what I have missed. You can't remember all the 75 URLs right (and I am not a big fan of RSS readers).


Understanding the Speed in which our World Changes (Information Technology Expansion)



Why I love it? It reminds me of the time when VHS was a hot technology :)


Try white-hat SEO, It F@$#ing Works

Someone was very angry at the black-hat community whining at the Google algo updates. So this someone explained how inbound marketing, white hat SEO and doing things "by the book" works. Excellent one! Link love: White Hat SEO.

Favorite quote:

I could go on and on and on. The sites that people WANT to click on in the results. The ones that make searchers, technologists, marketers and search quality engineers happy are sites that deserve to rank. When you build a brand that does that and optimize in a way that no webspam engineer would ever want to discount, you've built a true competitive advantage in SEO. Black hat is, much of the time, a sad excuse for a lack of creativity, discipline and willingness to invest in the long term.

Why I love it? It's the heavy artillery when you are in discussion with black-hats and non-believers.


The Analytics 101. You should read it. Your boss should read it.

Avinash Kaushik is Analytics Evangelist. Just check through his blog and you will understand why. This 101 is a great resource when you are setting up your Analytics. Link: How To Setup Analytics Framework.

Favorite quote:

Just because you have Goals in your analytics tool defined is not a sure sign that you know what your business objectives or goals are.

Why I love it? It's hard to explain to people that conversion is not just the "sale". So I use this one to persuade. 


The Noob Guide. Give it to Noob that is bothering you. He will ask for more.

A giant infographic made by Unbounce. Give it to your trainees. They will start asking questions and have a better picture how stuff really works.

Why I love it? You can print it and put it on your wall :)


Copywriting of Sales Pitch. Easy. You can use it practically anywhere.

A formula in a nutshell. Here it goes:

  1. What I’ve got for you
  2. What it’s going to do for you
  3. Who am I?
  4. What you need to do next

Favorite quote:

What’s better about life with your product?

Why I love it? Because it's AIDA for web copywriting.


The Psychology of Social Sharing

Here we talk about social sharing (reminder: three nice little buttons that follow you when you scroll this page). And Clarissa Sajbl explains the motivations behind all that. Nice one.

Favorite quote:

However, this content should be created with the understanding that the relationships that people value most are with one another and not with brands. Following on from this, consumers must find content trustworthy before they will share it.

Why I love it? Gives an insight into things we often forget: people love to share (hence the blog post title).


The Holy Crusade on Google. And he DOES have a point...

Image source via SeoBook

I've been reading SEOBook Blog for a long time. It's a fantastic resource into understanding SEO, online marketing and business in general. Lately, the blog focuses on revealing some of the bad practices Google makes but with the arguments that are far better than basic black-hat complaints about algo changes. One of the latest blog posts.

Image source via SEOBook

Favorite quote (there are so many, so I will put a random one):

Now more than ever SEO requires threading the needle: being sufficiently aggressive to see results, but not so aggressive that you get clipped for it (and hopefully building enough protection that makes it harder for others to clip you). That requires a tighter integration of the end to end process (tying efforts into analytics & analytics back into efforts) & a willing to view SEO through a broader marketing lens & throwing up a number of hail marry passes that likely won't on their own back out but will give you a lower risk profile when combined with your other stuff.
And your business model is probably far more important than your SEO skill level is.

Why I love it? This is probably one of the best blogs on SEO and marketing out there. Enough said.


Best Practices for Online Travel and more from ClickTale

I shared this one with a friend who works as a marketer for hotel chain. I am sharing again. You have to send an email to get it :).

Here is the link.

Why I love it? Well, I am interested in online travel. I think others may find it useful. 


Share your own!

So, it will take a lot of time to go through all these resources. I hope you will share your own in the comments!



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