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Published on: Apr 23. 2012

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The offer stands for all clients who buy Professional or Enterprise yearly package.

Each theme includes:

  • two iterations of your websites' look&feel
  • HTML, CSS and Webiny template adaptation


For Webiny CMS the following templates will be designed:

  • homepage
  • static page
  • forms
  • search results
  • newsletter template


For Webiny Booking System:

  • homepage
  • static page
  • forms
  • search results
  • accommodation detail page
  • lot detail page
  • booking form page
  • newsletter template
  • e-mail template
  • voucher template
  • invoice template

The process

Once you have bought your Webiny package that comes with a free theme design, try to gather as much materials as possible - like your logo, product images, reference web sites, organisations charts and similar, and send it to us. Based on data you provide, we will first make a mockup of your website, creating a logical and functional organisation. Here is an example of a mockup.

Once the client is satisfied with mockups, the designer starts working on the design proposal. In this special offer, two design iterations are included. What does that mean?
It means that if you are not fully satisfied with the design proposal you can request certain changes. You have 2 rounds of change requests included in the offer. After the design is ready, first it will be coded to HTML/CSS and then adapted to Webiny. At this point the theme is automatically available within your account administration.

What is not included in the offer

In the offer doesn't included paid stock images, like from iStock Photo, video animations, flash animations, complex Javascript functionality or any other functionality that is not available within Webiny - as well as services like photo-manipulation, logo design and custom made illustrations.

You can always ask for a quote for services that are not a part of this offer.

Additional notes

For all materials like images, videos and similar you must either be the rightful owner, or you must  have a permission to use it inside your design. We might ask for written permissions for certain materials, for example like web-fonts.

The offer will be valid until July 31st 2012.


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