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Published on: Apr 13. 2012

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Just last week one of our clients launched a mobile version of their existing website. Both, original and mobile websites are powered by Webiny CMS. Since one of requirements was to have mostly the same, but not identical content on both websites, the mobile website was introduced as a new (sub)domain into the system. This way managing the content is easier since each of the versions has its own content but they still share images, documents and other content available within the system.

Webiny as CMS for mobile websites

In case of our client a new theme was created specially suited for smartphones like iPhone or any Android powered device with HTML 5 compatible browser. In combination with CSS3 and a little bit of Javascript magic you can create wonders.  

Standard version Mobile version

With the right theme, using any Webiny product, like eCommerce or Booking System, you can easily distribute your offer to mobile platforms, expanding your clients reach and giving a better user experience to ones that open your website on their smartphone.  

Tips & resources

On Smashing Magazine there is one great article that covers the basics in designing a website for mobile phones:


Addition to that, here is one slideshow I've found that contains very useful tips and guidelines that you should keep in mind if you are designing a mobile website.


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