About Us

For Webiny to become what we have imagined it to be, a great team of talented individuals is required. These are the people who believe in that idea and are transforming it into a reality. This is no easy task, for we are aiming high. 

  • Sven Al Hamad

    Sven Al Hamad

    Founder, Chief Technology Officer

    I'm a big perfectionist when it comes to user experience and work flow. I accept only quality solutions, if quality is not met, than my work is not done.
  • Goran Candrlic

    Goran Candrlic

    Co-Founder, Marketing and Sales

    Marketing starts with a vision, continues with a product and ends with customer satisfaction and profitability. All the strategies, tactics, market research, competition and market trends are just "things" in between. Focusing on how to bring real value is what makes good marketers.
  • Nela Dunato

    Nela Dunato


    I'm a graphic and web designer, an illustrator and a self-taught mixed media artist. Designs I create can be elaborate or minimalist, corporate or funky — whatever the project requires. The thing that matters the most is that the web site is accessible, usable, and appealing to your target audience.
  • Pavel Denisjuk

    Pavel Denisjuk

    Software Developer

    Building business solutions using professional platform is what makes my day. Nowadays, technology is almost limitless but there are loads of platforms that limit your ideas and possibilities. Working with Webiny I no longer have to make excuses to the customers. If you can think of it — I can make it work.
  • Sandi Sablic

    Sandi Sablic

    Online Marketing and SEO

    Search engine optimizer and marketer with several years of experience. I focus on SEO and SEM as parts of a more holistic approach to an overall online marketing strategy. I believe that every website can be improved and that every online marketing campaign can be optimized.
  • Anton Grudic

    Anton Grudic

    Software Developer

    Proactive and confident developer with a positive 'can-do' attitude. Strongly focused on problem solving and creativity. Innovation with quality is my motto, and Webiny is all about that. With Webiny I can realize everything I can imagine with ease.
  • Kori Zagric

    Kori Zagric


    When creating designs I tend to achieve balance between functionality and aesthetic. I put in extra effort so that my designs are intuitive, clean, fully responsive and above all highly effective.
  • Vedran Greblo

    Vedran Greblo

    Sales and Account Manager

    Having previously held a customer management and support position in the publishing industry for a few years, I will be your communications liaison here at Webiny. If you require assistance at any point, feel free to contact me, and I will relay your inquiries to the rest of the team.
  • Adrian Smijulj

    Adrian Smijulj

    Software Developer

    To me, developing web applications is a very interesting, creative and fun process. Every day there is a new challenge in front of you, new stuff to learn and to code, and with our web technologies constantly evolving, I believe that there are simply no limits in doing what you want, the only limit is the one that you put on yourself.
  • Katarina Lovrecic

    Katarina Lovrecic


    Half blogger, half sponge food. Absorbed by shared culture and modern non-rival economies. Open Access advocate. Familiarized with related activities, efforts, ideology, aims and key supporters. Up to speed on social media and content marketing. Experienced in copywriting, news editing, and event co-ordination. Acts less poetic, if thus instructed.